Локальные практики совместной социальной и творческой деятельности людей старшего возраста: социальный активизм, социальное участие, вовлеченность или вовлечение?

  • Татьяна Киенко Южный федеральный университет, Ростов-на-Дону, Россия


The article attempts to find the correct definition for local practices of mutual social and creative activity of older people. Some authors call such practices social activism, others social participation, involvement or engagement, others volunteering, others leisure, creativity. A review of the scientific literature based on the resources of the information and analytical systems of the RSCI, Dimensions, SciVal and the method of traditional interpretive analysis showed that the concept of social participation is seen as exhaustive. Social participation of older people as reactive and passive involvement, active participation and proactive engagement in horizontal interactions in order to achieve subjectively and socially significant goals, realization and development of potential based on the sharing of resources can manifest itself in formal and informal practices with varying frequency in all types of activities (including in the form of activism, creativity, leisure). The analysis of the social participation of older people is based on different approaches: the consumerist approach understands participation as functionality, the empowerment approach as a tool for empowering and overcoming structural inequalities, the inclusive approach as a basis for social integration, the realization of potential and the manifestation of subjectivity. The identification of levels of participation in older age (based on the typology of M. Levasseur, etc.) allows us to study not only its active forms (active participation and engagement), but also reactive and passive (involvement). Indirect forms of social participation of older people are of interest. The concept of "non-participation" deserves special attention, the search for its signs, explicit and implicit forms, motives and factors, differences from involvement in older age. Social participation is a key factor in improving the quality of life, social integration and inclusion of older people, and the productive use of their potential can become an effective tool for social transformation and sustainable development.


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