Образы города как ресурс анализа социального пространства

  • А.К. Мокроусова
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The notion of city image is connected with social city space and collective identity. We construct the space around us associating it with meaningful events from our lives or from wider historical and cultural context. The space begins to make sense for us only after we describe it and put it in some storyline or even chronological outline. In this article we consider different approaches to the concept of the city image, analyse ways of its making and perception, and suggest comparing special levels of describing - iconic and everyday images of the city - and their transformation conditions. The particular attention is given to the reasons of existing and co-existing of various interpretations of the same space.
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Мокроусова, А. (2012). Образы города как ресурс анализа социального пространства . ЖУРНАЛ СОЦИОЛОГИИ И СОЦИАЛЬНОЙ АНТРОПОЛОГИИ, 15(3), 173–181. извлечено от http://jourssa.ru/jourssa/article/view/955