Россия в международных индексах качества жизни пожилых

  • Л.А. Видясова
  • Григорьева
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More and more researches in the recent years have been interested in the various aspects of well-being and quality of life of the population, especially connected with the elderly. The task of raising the quality of life is particularly relevant in today’s aging societies. This paper is devoted to the review of recentlyappeared quality of ageing indexes and evaluation of Russia’s place in them. The article assesses the international indexes designed to measure the well-being of older people (Global AgeWatch, Human Capital Index, Active Ageing Index), as well as data on global and Russian representative sociological polls. The authors underline the necessity to combine both objective (material) and subjective (feelings, opinions) factors for assessing the quality of life of older people. The authors present the conclusions on a relatively high level of older people individual potential development in Russia, but an insufficient level of welfare and their quality of health. The health level is the main reason for retirement, which entails a reduction in the elderly overall level of income and as a consequence the quality of life in general. In addition, there remains quite a strong differentiation of wages, pensions and the living wage in Russia. These circumstances underline the importance of seniors’ social exclusion in the modern society. In such conditions it is necessary to take certain measures for the society’s adaptation to changes in its age structure, as well as looking for new ways to implement high personal potential and overcome the vulnerability of the elderly status due to retirement and the loss of the earnings’ substantial part. The authors distinguish positive tendency of increasing the proportion of working pensioners (up to 32% among all groups of pensioners) in modern Russia. The authors connect the prospects for improving the social inclusion of the elderly primarily in the length of their employment and active career.
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Видясова, Л., & Григорьева. (2016). Россия в международных индексах качества жизни пожилых . ЖУРНАЛ СОЦИОЛОГИИ И СОЦИАЛЬНОЙ АНТРОПОЛОГИИ, 19(1), 181–193. извлечено от http://jourssa.ru/jourssa/article/view/465