Marx on Class and State: Legacy and Critique

  • Markku Kivinen Aleksanteri Institute – Finnish Centre for Russian and East European Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland
Ключевые слова: class analysis, state, structuration approach, Marx, Lenin


 Karl Marx is a significant figure in the development of modern social science, particularly in the areas of critique of capitalism and the study of class and state. However, his legacy also includes many misleading statements, and various forms of Marxism have oversimplified and distorted his ideas. In order to make Marx’s legacy relevant to contemporary emancipatory social science, it is important to recognize its limitations and engage in dialogue with other sociological traditions and ground it in empirical research. While Marx’s work on class and state is incomplete, it can still be useful in analyzing these issues today, but it is necessary to go beyond his ideas in order to do relevant social science. The article discusses the use of Marx’s ideas in the analysis of class and state and argues for the importance of a structuration approach that takes into account the concrete levels of class situation and forms of organization and consciousness. It also discusses the limitations of Marx’s ideas and the need to deconstruct simplifications within Marxist tradition in order to make his legacy relevant to contemporary sociology.


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