Международный симпозиум «Цифровое здравоохранение и перспективы развития концепции активного долголетия»

  • Людмила Видясова Центр технологий электронного правительства, Университет ИТМО, Россия
  • Ирина Григорьева Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет, Социологический институт Российской академии наук — филиал Федерального исследовательского социологического центра Российской академии наук, Санкт-Петербург, Россия-Петербург, Россия


The paper provides an overview of the International Scientific and Practical Symposium "Digital Health and Prospects for the Development of the Concept of Active Longevity" at the conference "Internet and Modern Society" on June 2022. The symposium contained of two sections: "Data and Information Management in Digital Health" and "Prospects for Development concept of active longevity. The Digital Health section was held in partnership with colleagues from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China). At a joint event with international partners the issues of data management in digital health, normalization of clinical text data, sentiment analysis of misleading information on the Internet, and response to public concerns disclosed on the Internet were discussed. The second important aspect of the discussion was the features of elderly’s inclusion in ICT world. The section discussed approaches to aging, hindering the renewal of the established discursive practices of “talking” about the elderly. In addition, an analysis of the preferences of digital city services among age groups was presented. The scientists discussed the barriers preventing digital communications development, such as lack of interest in them and the skills to work with them, lack of computers and other gadgets, as well as Internet access, technical difficulties in installing applications and programs.


Vidal E. (2019) Digital Literacy Program: Reducing the Digital Gap of the Elderly: Experiences and Lessons Learned. 2019 International Conference on Inclusive Technologies and Education (CONTIE). San Jose del Cabo, Mexico: IEEE: 117–1173. https://doi.org/10.1109/CONTIE49246.2019.00030

Grigoryeva I., Bogdanova E. (2020) The concept of active aging in Europe and Russia in the face of the Covid–19 pandemic. Laboratorium: Zhurnal sotsialnykh issledovaniy [Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research], 12(2): 187–211. https://doi.org/10.25285/2078-1938-2020-12-2-187-211 (in Russian).

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Видясова, Л., & Григорьева, И. (2022). Международный симпозиум «Цифровое здравоохранение и перспективы развития концепции активного долголетия». ЖУРНАЛ СОЦИОЛОГИИ И СОЦИАЛЬНОЙ АНТРОПОЛОГИИ, 25(3), 259-266. извлечено от http://jourssa.ru/jourssa/article/view/2405