Карьерные ожидания и планы молодых специалистов на рынке труда

  • Александра Левицкая Александра Левицкая йй
  • Надежда Покровская Надежда Покровская йй
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The labor market in Russia is undergoing a number of major changes. First of all, these changes are associated with the high rates of digitalization, penetrating into all spheres of public life, but the impact of the deepening economic crisis should also be noted. Against this background, it should be remembered that the transition to the knowledge economy in itself creates a need for a qualitative improvement of the human resource, both through retraining and increasing the level of knowledge of existing employees, and through the influx of young specialists. Young people building their own professional path is the work of both young people themselves and the structures for training specialists at all levels, including in the higher education system. Career planning is one of the key stages in building a professional future for representatives of the younger generation. Due to the fact that specialists who are usually referred to as generation Z or digital generation enter the labor market, the question of how to learn to understand new players in the labor market in order to effectively use them is an acute question for business leaders, HR specialists and scientists. To this end the authors of this study examine the level of awareness among the younger generation of the skill sets necessary for professional and career growth. This article also examines the ideological attitudes and career expectations of young professionals and the possibility of correlating these expectations with the representation of the employers and managers about human capital. Considering the representatives of the younger generation as a new resource, the authors of this article also raise the issue of intergenerational interaction, meaning the search for the most effective form of interaction between the generation of employers (generation X and Y) and the generation of young professionals (generation Z).
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Александра Левицкая, А. Л., & Надежда Покровская, Н. П. (2021). Карьерные ожидания и планы молодых специалистов на рынке труда. ЖУРНАЛ СОЦИОЛОГИИ И СОЦИАЛЬНОЙ АНТРОПОЛОГИИ, 24(1), 105-137. извлечено от http://jourssa.ru/jourssa/article/view/2322