Специфика социализации инвалидов: опыт нарративной реконструкции

  • Людмила Деточенко
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The article describes the significance of the study of socialization of young people with disabilities for understanding the features of social construction of disability as well as the impact of this construct on the social status of disabled people in Russian society. The empirical part of the work is based on the method of narrative data collection and analysis. Special attention is paid to substantiating the advantages and prospects of the chosen method for the study of socialization of disabled people. The main purpose of the article is to describe the specifics of socialization trajectories of disabled people, their main models in the conditions of transformation of the social policy of the state in relation to this group of society. It describes key events in the socialization of disabled people, their subjective assessment, highlights the key problems of growing up and the main institutions that affect the successful course of the socialization process or deviation from the standard recognized model. The obtained data showed that the acquisition of pathology at a young age leads to a slowdown in socialization processes, concentration of attention on the dynamics of the state of health at the expense of building a socialization trajectory. Special attention is paid to the characteristics of the physiological and social determinants of success in socialization in an era of instability of public attitudes during the transition from the medical to the social paradigm of disability. For the socialization process to be successful, it is necessary to overcome the role of the patient, which is sometimes imposed by the surrounding environment. The model of the family structure and the nature of intra-family relations are of great importance in building the socialization trajectory, personal standards of socialization and the speed of the socialization process. Everyday practices of stigmatization have a negative impact on socialization, which can be traced in the context of mobility, training, employment, expanding communication and striving for an independent life.
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Деточенко, Л. (2020). Специфика социализации инвалидов: опыт нарративной реконструкции. ЖУРНАЛ СОЦИОЛОГИИ И СОЦИАЛЬНОЙ АНТРОПОЛОГИИ, 23(2), 87-103. извлечено от http://jourssa.ru/jourssa/article/view/2284