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ISSN 2306-6946 (electronic)

"The Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology" (JSSA) is a fully peer-reviewed Russian quartely welcoming original articles which advance theoretical understanding and empirical research in all areas of sociology and social anthropology. It aims to promote dialogue and exchange between Russian sociologists and international sociological community.


V. Kozlovskiy (Dr., Prof., SPSU, Russia)
H.-P. Blossfeld (Dr., Prof., University of Bamberg, Germany)

Executive Board

A. Duka (CSc., Sociological Institute, RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia)
A. Boronoev (Dr., Prof., SPSU, Russia)
R. Braslavskiy (CSc., Sociological Institute, RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia)
I. Eliseeva (Dr., Prof., Corr. Member of the RAS, Sociological Institute, RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia)
N. Skvortsov (Dr., Prof., SPSU, Russia)

Assistant Editor

A. Tavrovskiy (SPSU, Russia)

Editorial Board

V. Achkasov (Dr., Prof., SPSU, Russia)
М. Burawoy (PhD, Prof., University of California, Berkeley, USA)
P. Wagner (PhD, Prof., University of Barcelona, Spain)
Y. Veselov (Dr., Prof., SPSU, Russia)
V. Volkov (PhD, Dr., Prof., EU, St. Petersburg, Russia)
D. Gavra (Dr., Prof., SPSU, Russia)
I. Grigoryeva (Dr., Prof., SPSU, Russia)
I. Deviatko (Dr., Prof., HSE, Moscow, Russia)
D. Ivanov (Dr., Prof., SPSU, Russia)
V. Ilyin (Dr., Prof., SPSU, Russia)
S. Clarke (PhD, Prof., University of Warwick, Great Britain)
N. Kradin (Dr., Prof., Corr. Member of the RAS, IHAE FEBRAS, Vladivostok, Russia)
V. Levicheva (Dr., Prof., RSUH, Moscow, Russia)
N. Pokrovsky (Dr., Prof., HSE, Moscow, Russia)
L. Titarenko (Dr., Prof., BSU, Minsk, Belarus)
V. Fedotova (Dr., Prof., Institute of Philosophy, RAS, Moscow, Russia)
J. Feldhoff (Dr., Prof. Em., University of Bielefeld, Germany)
T. Schepanskaja (CSc., MAE RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia)
M. Khomyakov (Dr., Prof., UrFU, Yekaterinburg, Russia)
E. Jarskaja-Smirnova (Dr., Prof., HSE, Moscow, Russia)