The article is devoted to the analysis of problems of ensuring personal security of the Russian citizens. The authors examine the specifics of victimization concerns of the population, identify determinants of personal security. The article analyzes the social anxieties of citizens, the perception of criminal threats by various groups of population. Research methods: a quantitative survey of the population in all subjects of the Russian Federation (85 regions), including the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. The total sample size was 48 800 respondents. According to the results of the survey, only slightly more than half of Russian citizens feel protected before criminal encroachments. The representations about changes in life safety diff er in various social and demographic groups of the population. Thus, among respondents in the age group over 60 years the proportion of respondents who feel a great danger in recent years is much higher. Women are also characterized by a higher level of anxiety. Also there is a signifi cant differentiation of assessments depending on the level of education of citizens. According to the results of the survey, Russians are mostly concerned about the well-being of the family and the future of their children. Criminological fears occupy the fourth place in the rating of anxieties and fears of citizens. The main problems are associated with anxieties concerning possible encroachment on the life and health of relatives. This fear is much more pronounced than fears for one’s own life. Among the Russian regions Moscow became a territory of heightened anxiety. Almost in all respects Moscow statistics are much higher than the average sample values, the highest concern here is related to economic threats. In rural settlements, fears of criminal threats are somewhat weaker. Exposure to fears is largely determined by the strength or weakness of the respondent’s social position, income level, and professional status.

Keywords: fear of victimization, criminal threats, crime, personal security