The research problem addressed in this paper is the phenomenon of Ukrainian transnational motherhood regarded as a development brought about by women’s international mobility and the network society. The key goal of the paper is to identify the socio-emotional effect of mobile communication on daily practices of Ukrainian migrant women and to analyze its role in their transnational motherhood experience. The social relevance of the paper is defined by the social demand in the conceptualization of various aspects of independent mobility of women as a historically new development, which became a subject-matter of a focused research throughout the last decades due to the increasing feminization of international migration fluxes, documented in Ukraine among others. The paper casts light on the phenomenon of “globalization of motherhood”, which entails the emergence of a new category of “transnational supermoms”, who are induced to combine the work abroad with cross-border household management and caring for their children and families left behind at home. The paper shows that mobile technologies as a new means of transnational communication may have both positive and negative effect on daily practices of transnational mothers, making both favorable and salient impact on their relationship with family and kin. The paper draws on the analysis of the results of a field research, covering the interviewing of the expert community, transmigrants themselves and members of their informal social networks.

Keywords: Ukrainian migrant women, transnational motherhood, mobile phoning, information and communication technologies