No 2 Vol XXV

2022. Volume XXV

No 2

Social Theory
Peter Wagner
Progress and Modernity: The Problem with Autonomy (7-27)
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Sergei Akopov
Civilizational Model and Identification of Individuals with Macropolitical Communities (on the Problem of Sovereignty) (28-48)
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Ruslan Braslavskiy
The Evolution of the Concept of Civilization in the Socio-Historical Science in the Late XVIII — Early XX Centuries (49-79)
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Larissa Titarenko
Eastern Asian Modern in the Civilizational Concept of Johan Arnason (80-95)
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Sociology of Health
Sergey Startsev, Elena Rozhdestvenskaya
“There is Nothing Left but to Trust Anyone”: A Crisis of Trust in the Communication of a Doctor and an Onco-Patient (96-126)
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Maria Glukhova
Сonstruction of Depression in Foreign Sociological Discourse: From the «Psychiatric Object» to the Voice of the Subject (127-157)
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Sociology of Politics
Vsevolod Bederson
An Influential Light of Moscow Windows: Communication and Organizational Factors of Civil and Political Activity in Moscow Districts (158-175)
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Sociology of Labor
Azer Efendiev, Stanislav Rezkiy
Social Inequality of Employed Russian Youth: Factors and Mechanisms of Formation and Development (176-213)
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Technology Studies
Roman Abramov, Viktoria Katechkina
Social Aspects of Human-Robot Interaction: Experimental Research Experience (214-243)
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News / Information
Marina Lomonosova, Elena Bogomyagkova
Asalkhan Boronoev's 85th Anniversary (244-251)
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Book Review
Irina Ivleva
Book review: Pinchuk O. Crashes and Breakdowns. The Ethnographical Study of Factory Workers’s Labor. Moscow: “Khamovniki”; Common Place. — 208 p. (252-257)
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