No 3 Том XXIV

2021. Volume XXIV

No 3

History of Sociology
Nikolay Golovin
“An Unusual Thinker and his Unusual Writing”: towards the Publication in Russian of the German Sociologist L. von Wiese’s Reviews on P.A. Sorokin’s “Social and Cultural Dynamics” (7-22)
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Leopold von Wiese
Ideational and Sensate Art: On P. Sorokin's Doctrine of the Fluctuation of Art Forms (transl. from German by N.A. Golovin) (23-37)
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Leopold von Wiese
Ideational and Sensate Culture: on Pitirim Sorokin's Doctrine of the Dynamics of Social Life (transl. from German by N.A. Golovin) (38-57)
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Sociology of Migration
Kseniya Grigoryeva
Migrants as "Persons Susceptible to the Ideology of Terrorism". Institutional Analysis of the Russian Migration Securitization Case (58-85)
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Denis Letnyakov
Mass Migrations and Host Societies’ Historical Memory Transformation: a Case of Great Britain (86-109)
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Sociology of Youth
Tatiana Gavrilyuk
Cultural Practices, Norms, and Preferences of Russian Working Youth as Components of their Class Habitus (110-143)
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Political Sociology
Natalya Kolesnik
Election Campaigns and Civil Activism in Conditions of Digital Gamification (144-168)
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Inequality Studies
Arseny Verkeev
Inequality in Perceptions of Street Safety in Russia (169-192)
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Gender Studies
Svetlana Kostina, Irina Britvina
Theoretical Approaches and Modern Trends for Studying Gender Identity Phenomenon (193-215)
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Nikolai Rozov
Updating Social Orders in Anthropogenesis — the Key to Explaining the Origin of the Language (216-238)
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News / Information
Irina Grigoryeva
Expert Panel Discussion “Responding to the Challenges and Opportunities of Population Aging and Individual Aging during the COVID-19 Pandemic” (239-245)
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