No 2 Volume XXIV

2021. Volume XXIV

No 2

Sociology of Health
Konstantin Galkin
Neighborhood Assistance and Care for Older People with Chronic Diseases in Peripheral Settlements (7-30)
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Maria Glukhova
The Role of Digital Technologies in Overcoming Depression: The Case of Students from Saint Petersburg (31-55)
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Sociology of Culture
Dmitry Ivanov, Yuri Asochakov, Elena Bogomiagkova
Inclusion in the Internet Communications and Creativity on Social Networking Platforms as Indicators of Social Development (56-80)
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Sergey Verbitskiy
Approaches to Studying Cultural Production in Music: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects (81-109)
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Environmental Sociology
Daria Lebedeva
Homo Ecologicus: Daily Pro-Environmental Practices as an Attribute of the Modern Subject in the Understanding of Young Muscovites (110-143)
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Sociology of Religion
Madina Shakhbanova, Anna Vereshchagina
Dynamics of Religiosity of Dagestan Urban Population (144-180)
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Anthropology of Space
Nikolai Goncharov
“Densifications” of Space in the Process of Gathering, Fishing and Hunting: on the Example of Zhigansk Village, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (181-211)
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Death Studies
Sergey Mokhov, Daria Milenina
Death Studies: The Formation of an Interdisciplinary Field (2010–2020) (212-235)
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Book Reviews
Irina Ivleva
Book review: Mokhov S. The Archeology of Russian Death. Ethnography of Funeral Business in Modern Russia. Moscow: “Khamovniki”; Common Place. — 192 p. (236-241)
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