No 1 Volume XXIV

2021. Volume XXIV

No 1

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Louis Kriesberg, Larissa Titarenko
Dialogue with the Classic (to the 95th Anniversary of the American Sociologist of the Conflict, Professor Louis Kriesberg) (7-28)
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Peace and Conflict Studies
Louis Kriesberg
Connecting Theory and Practice in the Peace and Conflict Studies Field (29-44)
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Sociology of Organizations
Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, Olga Bodrova
Models of Legitimation of Non-Profit Organizations as Social Service Providers (45-78)
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Irina Grigoryeva, Oksana Parfenova
The Role of NGOs in the Development of Community Care in Russia (79-104)
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Sociology of Youth
Aleksandra Levitskaya, Nadezhda Pokrovskaia
Сareer Expectations and Plans of the Young Specialists in the Labor Market (105-137)
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Sociology of Memory
Galina Karpova
The Influence of Collective Memory on Consumption Practices: The Case of Tushino District (Moscow) (138-167)
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Anthropology of Mobility
Mikhail Agapov
“Winter Road Has its Own Way”: Anthropology of Transport Multimodality (168-203)
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Aleksei Rud’
Transformation of Transport Infrastructure Used by the Eastern Khanty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra (since the 1960s to the Present) (204-226)
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Book Reviews
Natalia Lyapugina
Book review: Wajcman J. (2019) Vremeni v obrez: uskoreniye zhizni pri tsifrovom kapitalizme [Pressed for time: the acceleration of life in digital capitalism]. Moscow: Delo (in Russian) — 304 p. (227-237)
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