No 5 Volume XXIII

2020. Volume XXIII

No 5

Sociological Theory
Ruslan Braslavskiy
Sociological Models of Contemporary Civilizational Analysis (7-40)
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Sociology of Health
Saniya Boyarkina, Daria Khodorenko
Theoretical Approaches to Studying Factors of Status Inequalities in Health (41-73)
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Leila Natsun
Investment of Time in Health Care: An Assessment Based on a Sociological Sample Observation (74-102)
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Sociology of Trust
Maria Vorobeva
The Practices of Forming Trust in The Process of Joint Leisure Activities Using the Example of Moscow Night Club Mutabor (103-134)
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Egor Makarov
Sociological Problem of Trust to Money Currencies: An Institutional Factor (135-154)
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Sociology of Culture
Alena Makshanchikova
Outside the City: The Role of Communication Media in the Daily Life of Downshifters (155-177)
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Political Sociology
Sergey Eliseev, Ekaterina Kovtun, Sergey Savin
Corruption and Anti-Corruption Policy Perception in Russians’ Mass Consciousness (178-194)
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Museum Anthropology
Igor Morozov, Irina Sleptsova
Biased Peering into the Past: The “Hell” and “Heaven” of the Soviet Era in Contemporary Museum Narratives (195-224)
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News / Information
Andrey Shvaya
Trends in the Transformation of Russian Elites: New Approaches and Interpretations (225-238)
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Book Reviews
Nikolay Zyuzev
Book Review: Mangone E. (2020) Beyond the Dichotomy between Altruism and Egoism: Society, Relationship and Responsibility. Charlotte, NC.: Information Age Publishing Inc. — 200 p. (239-245)
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