No 4 Volume XXIII

2020. Volume XXIII

No 4

Sociology of Youth
Albina Beschasnaya
Generation Delta: Searching for the Characteristics of the Russian Present and Future Generation (7-39)
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Azer Efendiev, Ekaterina Chermoshentseva
Labor Behavior of Modern Working Youth: Values and Practices (40-73)
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Sociology of Culture
Nikita Barkevich
Tourists as Visitors to an Orthodox Church Temple: Interaction Analysis in the Heterotopic Space (74-102)
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Aleksandra Nechaeva
Narrative Macrostructures of Ukraine Collective Memory (103-135)
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Social Movements
Olga Tsepilova, Vladimir Golbraih
Environmental Activism: Resource Mobilisation for “Garbage” Protests in Russia in 2018–2020 (136-162)
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Vsevolod Bederson, Vyacheslav Loginov
NGOs in Contemporary Russia: Participation in Political Protests (163-182)
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Sociology of Health
Tatiana Kuksa
Emergency State Regulation to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 in Russia: Bureaucratic Logic of Decision-Making and Medicalization of Everyday Life at the Beginning of the Pandemic (183-203)
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Ethnic Studies
Vera Galindabaeva, Nikolai Karbainov
Karyms and Mestizos of Buryatia: Marginal Man and/or Cultural Broker (204-232)
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Book Reviews
Evgeny Tyugashev
Book review: Zyuzev N.F. (2019) Pitirim Sorokin: The doctrine and the life. Syktyvkar: SGU im. Pitirima Sorokina. — 208 p. (in Russian) (233-240)
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