No 3 Volume XXIII

2020. Volume XXIII

No 3

Social Theory
Svetlana Platonova
The Fourth Paradigm of Scientific Research and Social Sciences and Humanities (7-24)
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Civic Participation
Yuliya Ukhanova
The Phenomenon of Civic Participation in Scientific Discourse: Theoretical and Methodological Background of the Research (25-50)
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Artyom Chernega
«The Power of Local Communities»: Practices, Mechanisms and Models of Resident’s Participation in Sociocultural Development of Territories (On the Materials of Small Towns and Villages in the Vologda Region) (51-77)
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Sociology of Education
Antonina Pinchuk, Svetlana Karepova, Dmitry Tikhomirov
Self-Education in the Mechanisms of Professional Adaptation of Students of Moscow Universities for the Humanities (78-99)
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Pyotr Makeev
Private Tutoring in Russia (100-121)
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Yulia Kuzmina
Public Statements about Sex Education in Russian Media (122-152)
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Political Sociology
Denis Tev
Senior Officials of the Presidential Administration of Russia: Recruitment Channels and Career (153-187)
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Alexander Malinkin
The Social Essence of the Award: A Study on the Sociology of Power (188-219)
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Economic Sociology
Aiza Neustroeva, Irina Samsonova, Matryona Malysheva, Lyubov Semenova
The Current Situation of Traditional Farms of the Indigenous Northern Peoples in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (220-245)
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