No 2 Volume XXIII

2020. Volume XXIII

No 2

Urban Sociology
Elena Tykanova, Ksenia Tenisheva
Trapped by the “Neighborhood Effect”: Social Capital and Activism in the New Enclave Condominiums (7-35)
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Liubov Chernysheva
Online and Offline Conflicts around Urban Commons: Caring for Urban Space in the Territory of a Large Housing Estate (36-66)
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Social Policy
Konstantin Galkin
Ontological Assembly of Aging Environments (67-86)
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Liudmila Detochenko
Specifics of Socialization of Disabled People: Experience of Narrative Reconstruction (87-103)
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Zhanna Chernova, Larisa Shpakovskaya
Up the Down Staircase: Ideology of Opportunities and Limitations of Educational Choice of Care Leavers (104-129)
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Sociology of Culture
Anton Boichenko, Svetlana Zhuchkova
What is Inside Russian Rap? Topic Modeling of the Texts of the Russian-Speaking Hip-Hop Stage (130-165)
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Margarita Snegur
European Way of Life Formation: A Case of Russian Youth in Spain (166-188)
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Economic Sociology
Vladimir Uskov
Reproduction of Personnel Potential of the Innovative Economy of the Russian Federation Region: the Case of the Vologda Region (189-214)
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Ethnic Studies
Dmitry Grigoryev
The Stereotype Content Model and Ethnic Stereotypes in Russia (215-244)
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II Russian-Chinese Conference “Understanding Changes in Social Institutions of Chinese and Russian Societies” (245-253)
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