No 1 Volume XXIII

2020. Volume XXIII

No 1

History of Sociology
Denis Litvintsev
The Category of Housing in the Classical Sociology (7-34)
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Sociology of Health
Nina Rusinova, Viacheslav Safronov
Mediators of Health Inequalities in Europe: Social Capital of Personal Network and Generalized Trust (35-64)
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Sociology of Culture and Communication
Olga Sergeyeva, Ekaterina Orekh
Computer Games and Cultural Consumption of Citizens (65-88)
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Andrey Glukhov
Management and Resocialization of Interpersonal Youth Relations in Social Networks (89-124)
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Uliana Shvindt
Street Art: Approaches to Studying the Phenomenon in Social Sciences and the Humanities (125-158)
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Sociology of Morality
Svetlana Naryan
Factors of Ordinary Perception of Moral Relevance of Social Norms (159-197)
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Sociology of Religion
Tatiana Krikhtova
The Religious Component of Non-Medical Instrumentalization of Reproduction: The Zachatyevskiy Monastery in Narratives of Users of the “Babyblog” Parent Forum (198-222)
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Writing Qualitatively — Mission (Im)possible? Discussion and Consensus (223-232)
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Inna Vershinina, Artemiy Kurbanov
International Forum “Culture and Food: Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Development” (233-242)
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Book Reviews
Sofya Koval
Book Review: Waldron J. (2020) The Rule of Law and the Measure of Property. Moscow: Izdatelstvo Instituta Gaydara. — 144 p. (in Russian) (243-253)
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