No 5 Volume XXII

2019. Volume XXII

No 5

Nikolay Skvortsov
Preface (7-11)
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The History of Social Thought in Russia
Evgeniy Rostovtsev, Irina Potekhina
The School of A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky (12-37)
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Alexey Malinov
A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky in the History of Russian Sociology (38-53)
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Victoria Vasilenko
The Ideas of A.S. Lappo-Danilevskiy in the Integral Conception of P. Sorokin (54-72)
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Vladimir Kozlovskiy
Historical Metasociology of A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky (73-86)
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Evgeniya Dolgova
“One Professorship in Sociology”: All-Russian Competition and Institutionalization of a New Department at the First Petrograd University, 1919–1922 (87-101)
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The Methodology of Historical Cognition
Igor Tyapin
Methodology or Philosophy of History? Qualifying A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky’s Theory of Historical Knowledge (102-120)
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Nikolay Bezlepkin
The Methodology of History by A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky at the Russian Universities (121-140)
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Aleksandr Rybas
A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky and his Criticism of Comte’s Ideas in Sociology (141-153)
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Philosophical Foundation of History as a Science
Marina Rumyantseva
Development of A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky’s Methodological Conception in XX — early XXI century: from Humanities to Social Sciences (154-179)
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Elena Mikhailova
A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky: Sociocultural Significance of the “Living” Sources of the Past (180-193)
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Dmitriy Bodnarchuk
Commemorations Dedicated to A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky (194-212)
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Vera Serkova
Philosophical Origins of A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky’s Methodology of History (213-222)
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Book Reviews
Victor Kupriyanov
Academician A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky and Russian Sociology. Reflections on the book by A.V. Malinov “The Sociological Legacy of A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky: Research and Materials” (223-236)
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