No 4 Volume XXII

2019. Volume XXII

No 4

History of Social Thought
Elena Yarkova
Utilitarianism in Russia (7-36)
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Aging Studies
Irina Grigoryeva, Olesya Kvasova
Public Dissatisfaction with Pension Reform: A Gender Perspective (37-56)
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Tatiana Kienko
Elderly Citizens and the Audiovisual Environment of the City: Age as a Factor of Solidarity with Space (57-87)
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Lyudmila Zakharova, Zaretkhan Saralieva, Irina Leonova
Socio-Psychological Aging of the Employee as a Social Action: Organizational Aspect (88-119)
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Ekaterina Orekh, Olga Sergeeva
Care for the Elderly Interpreted in Russian Films (120-140)
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Political Sociology
Ilya Ermolin
Conceptualizing the "Resistance": From Disorganized Forms towards Complex Responses (141-165)
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Modernization and Gender
Sofia Lopatina, Veronica Kostenko, Eduard Ponarin
National Pride and Individual-Choice Attitudes in Ten Post-Soviet Countries (166-201)
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Sociology of Communication
Valeria Vasilkova, Natalia Legostaeva, Vladimir Radushevskii
Thematic Landscape of the Bot Space of the Social Network “VKontakte” (202-245)
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Book Reviews
Eduard Safronov
Book review: Uzlaner D. (2019) The End of Religion? A History of Secularization Theory. Moscow: Izdatelskiy Dom Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki. — 240 p. (in Russian) (246-253)
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