No 3 Volume XXII

2019. Volume XXII

No 3

History of Sociology
Natalia Matveeva
The Basic Principles of the Interpretation of the Meanings of Social Phenomena in the Russian Sociological Tradition (S. Bulgakov, P. Novgorodtsev, S. Frank) (7-38)
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Sociology of Health
Saniya Boyarkina
Health Care Reform in Russia (2011–2016) in the Physicians’ Assessments: Strategies, Tactics, Risks (39-56)
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Daria Khodorenko
Status Inequalities in Health: The Effect of Parental Social Position (57-79)
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Sociology of Family
Vladlena Avdeeva, Anastasiya Ruppel
Resilience Resources at the Families and Children Receiving the State Social Help (80-112)
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Olga Bezrukova, Valentina Samoylova
Children’s Ethnic Identity in the Interethnic Family in the Context of Parenthood Culture (113-140)
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Urban Sociology
Iuliia Eremenko
Urban Mapping of World Cultural Heritage Territories (the Case of Stralsund, Germany) (141-154)
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Yulia Shkurko
Biosocial Measures of Social Inequality (155-178)
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Sociology of Culture
Dmitrii Sharikov
The New Sociology of Culture: From Toolkits to Cognitive Processes (179-210)
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Migration Studies
Vladimir Malakhov
Non-European Immigrants in Europe: Cultural and Identificational Aspects of Integration (211-233)
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News / Information
Alexandra Terekhina, Vladimir Davydov
Peoples of the North and the Problem of the Governance in the Arctic: The Conference “Polar Readings — 2019” (234-237)
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Book Reviews
Artem Morozov
Book review: Žižek S., Ruda F., Hamza A. (2019) Reading Marx. Moscow: HSE Publishing House — 176 p. (in Russian) (238-245)
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