No 2 Volume XXII

2019. Volume XXII

No 2

History of Sociology
Igor Kuznetsov
The Metaphysical (Quasi-Religious) Nature of Trust in Georg Simmel’s Works (7-33)
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Vera Bochkareva
The Literary Intertext of Pre-Revolutionary Russian Sociology (34-54)
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Sociology of Morality
Oxana Mikhailova
When Insult is Interpreted as a Joke? Personal and Situational Factors of Cyberbullying Bystander Moral Disengagement (55-92)
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Mobility Studies
Egor Nikishin
History and Perspective of Social Mobility Studies after ‘Mobility Turn’ (93-117)
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Sociology of Culture
Alisa Maximova
The Development of Approaches to Studying Museums in Social Sciences and the Humanities (118-146)
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Ethnic Studies
Julia Litvin, Svetlana Yalovitsyna
Images of «Friend-or-Alien» in In-Depth Interviews with Karelians and Immigrants in Karelia (147-172)
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Oleksandr Vasiukov
Between the Ethnographic Group and the People: the National Discourse of Kashubian and Silesian Activists in Contemporary Poland (173-209)
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User Studies
Julia Gafarova
Post-Colonial Approach in Media Studies and User Studies (210-229)
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Olga Logunova
Identifying and Measuring the Internet Audience (230-246)
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Book Reviews
Yulia Kuzmina
Book Review: Reich J.A. (2016) Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines. New York: New York University Press. — 315 p. (247–253)
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