No 1 Volume XXII

2019. Volume XXII

No 1

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with Professor Nikolai Genov (7-23)
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Sociological Theory
Nikolai Genov
Multi-Paradigmatic Sociology: Debates Present and Perennial (24-46)
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Svetlana Platonova
The Basic Metatheoretic Strategies and Perspectives of Metatheorizing in Modern Sociology (47-65)
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Sociology of Professions
Elena Bogomiagkova, Kirill Ivashchenko
Maintaining Social Order in a Situation of Organizational Changes (on the Example of a Medical Community) (66-89)
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Marina Vyrskaya
Formation of Professional Community in the Working Group (on the Example of the Packaging Operators of the Confectionery Factory) (90-112)
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Political Sociology
Svetlana Karepova, Antonina Pinchuk, Sergey Nekrasov, Dmitry Tikhomirov
Corruption and Anticorruption Activities in Modern Society as Perceived by the Moscow Students: on the Materials of a Focus Group Research (113–137)
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Valery Engel
The Modern European Radicalism: a Comparative Analysis (138-161)
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Urban Sociology
Anna Zhelnina, Elena Tykanova
Formal and Informal Civic Infrastructure: Contemporary Studies of Urban Local Activism in Russia (162–192)
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Historical Sociology
Ilya Konovalov
Time for Labour and its Origins: E.P. Thompson on the Temporality of Industrial Capitalism (193–224)
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Book Reviews
Mikhail Sinyutin
Book review: Shaping Human Science Disciplines: Institutional Developments in Europe and Beyond (2019) Edited by Christian Fleck, Matthias Duller, Victor Karády. Palgrave Macmillan. — 396 p. (225–241)
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