No 5 Volume XXI

2018. Volume XXI

No 5

Theoretical Heritage of K. Marx
Alexander Chepurenko
The Heritage of Karl Marx in the 21st Century: What are we Speaking About? (7-23)
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Nikolai Rozov
To Transform Marxism by Following Marx (24-43)
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Vladimir Logachev, Dmitry Kochergin
Social Sciences in the 21st Century and Untapped Potential of Karl Marx’s Method (44-58)
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Yuriy Dergunov
The Background of Dependency Theory in Karl Marx’s Works (59-90)
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Andrei Yakovenko
Post-Truth as an Indicator of Modern Society and Analytical Potential of Marxism (91-102)
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Yuliya Ukhanova
State and Prospects of Civil Society Development in Russia: Regional Aspect (103-121)
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Contemporary Capitalism
Dmitry Karasev
Historization of Capitalism by Political Marxists (122-140)
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Larissa Titarenko
Russian Modernization — A Capitalist Project of Civilization Development (141-163)
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Vladimir Ilyin
Russian Society of the Spectacle as a Super-Structure of the State Capitalism (164-182)
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Oleg Nogovitsin
Cognitive Capitalism and New Pedagogy: a Marxist Transcription of the “Knowledge Society” (183-208)
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Igor Goncharov
Labor and Freedom in the Marxist and Liberal Traditions (209-219)
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Elena Smoleva
Alienation of Labor and Social Exclusion of Modern Enterprises’ Workers (220-241)
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