No 4 Volume XXI

2018. Volume XXI

No 4

Social Theory
Morozov I., Sleptsova I.
Cultural Transformations and Globalization Trends: on the Status of “New Localities” (7-37)
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Urban Studies
Gribova K.
XXI Century Cities: Comparative Analysis of Saskia Sassen’s and Paraga Hannah’s Theoretical Approaches (38-62)
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Shatalova A., Tykanova E.
Informal Practices of the Public Hearing Participants (the Case of Saint Petersburg) (63-84)
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Shishova E.
The Atmosphere of Urban Spaces: from Metaphor to Description Language (85-103)
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Urban Anthropology
Pivneva E.
“But Still, Discomfort We Feel”: the Ob Ugrians in the Processes of Socio-Cultural Adaptation to the Conditions of the City (104–129)
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Buchatskaya J.
“The Town of Dream”: Culture and Atmosphere as Resources for the City Image (оn the Example of the Southern German Town of Bamberg) (130–153)
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Sociology of Social Media
Moiseev S., Deviatko I.
Viral Altruism or Social Contagion? Comparative Analysis of Types of Participation and Mechanisms of Involving Russian and Ukrainian Users of Social Media in the Charitable Campaign Ice Bucket Challenge (154–181)
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Sociology of Food
Minina V., Ivanova M., Ganskau E.
Healthy Eating in the Context of Russians’ Everyday Life (182–202)
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Rudenko N., Bekreev A.
Russian Software: Discursive Strategies for the Framing of the Technology Policy in the Discourse of the Official Authorities (203–223)
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Vorontsov A., Okladnikova E., Mazalova N.
The Conference on “Urban Social Anthropology” (224–230)
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Flyagin A., Shvaya A.
Functioning and Reproduction of the Russian Political Elite in the Conditions of Institutional Transformations (231–241)
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