No 3 Volume XX

2018. Volume XXI

No 3

Sociology of Medicine
Natalya Lebedeva-Nesevrya, Mikhail Zinker
Sex Differences in Health of Working Population in Russia (7-25)
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Mikhail Morev, Elena Smoleva
Sociological Tools in Diagnosing Latent Tendencies in Public Mental Health (The Case of the Vologda Region) (26–45)
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Social Policy
Zhanna Chernova, Meri Kulmala
“In its Complexity it’s Work, in its Soul it’s Family”: Professionalization of Foster Parenting in Contemporary Russia (46–70)
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Larisa Shpakovskaya
“Foundlings”: Representations of Foster Parenthood in Contemporary Russia (71–92)
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Maija Jäppinen
Biological Parents of Children in Alternative Care in the Discourses of Child Welfare Professionals (93–114)
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Anna Tarasenko
Regional Particularities of the Reform of Institutionalized Care for Children in Russia (115–139)
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Urban Studies
Andrey Semenov, Irina Shevtsova, Vsevolod Bederson
Urban Mobilization and Urban Development: Strategic Interactions between Residents and Developers in a Conflict (140–169)
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Liubov Chernysheva
Bikesharing out of a Cycling Policy: A New Urban Infrastructure and the Relation between the Mobile Policy and Technology (170–200)
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Dmitry Tikhaze, Anastassia Kurilova
The Legacy of the Post-Revolutionary Soviet Residential Architecture of the First Half of the XX Century: An Attempt at Sociological Analysis (201–221)
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Olga Filatova, Alyona Tarasova
Russian Print Media Content in 1917–1922 as a Factor in the Formation of a New Political Culture (222–244)
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Sania Boyarkina, Natalia Kolesnik, Daria Khodorenko
Social and Institutional Problems of Health and Health Care in Russia (245–253)
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