No 2 Volume XX

2018. Volume XXI

No 2

Sociology of Science
Wiener B., Divisenko K.
Social Structure of the Research Area of Urban Ethnology/Anthropology in Russian Ethnology (7–44)
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Regional Studies
Karbainov N.
The History of “Turkish Civilization” in Post-Soviet Tatarstan: Elitist Versions and Mass Representations (45–74)
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Makarova G.
Tatarstan in the Vision of Elites and Ordinary Citizens of the Republic (75–105)
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Social Policy
Vidiasova L., Grigoryeva I.
Social Inclusion of the Elderly through Interaction in the Online Environment (the Case of Online Communities in the Social Network “VKontakte”) (106–132)
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Rogozin D.
What Do We Have to Do with an Ageing Body? (133–164)
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Parfenova O.
Transformation of Social Services for the Elderly in the Regional Context of Modern Russia (165–186)
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Sociology of Migration
Kosmarskaya N.
“Corruption”, “Crowds”, and “Lezginka”: Regional Specifics of Attitudes towards Migrants in Present-Day Russia (The Case-Study of Moscow and Krasnodar) (187–213)
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Network Analysis
Kaveyeva A., Gurin K.
“VKontakte” Fake Accounts and their Influence on the Users’ Social Network (214–231)
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Grigoryeva I., Petukhova I.
Reducing Old Age Social Exclusion (232–237)
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Book Reviews
Ivleva I.
Book review: Bachmann-Medick D. Cultural Turns. New Orientations in the Study of Culture. Moscow: NLR. — 504 p. (238–244)
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