No 1 Volume XX

2018. Volume XXI

No 1

Social Theory
Shipilov A.
The Future of the Post-Modern Society: Forward to the Past? (7–26)
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Gavra D., Dekalov V.
The Concept of Communicative Capitalism: Methodological Premises and Paradigmatic Positioning (27–43)
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Modernization Studies
Zinkina J., Slinko E., Bykanova D., Korotaev A.
Dynamics of Values and Modernization: A Quantitative Analysis (44–72)
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Economic Sociology
Plusnin Y.
The Crafts of a Province: Archaic and Modern Economic Practices of the Provincial Households (73–106)
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Sociology of Bureaucracy
Barsegyan V.
Administrative Discourse: Structure, Volume, Production Practices and Legitimation of Texts (107–135)
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Sociology of Professions
Baytimerova S., Bogomazova L., Grigoryeva E., Kazun A.
Control and Ethics in Professional Activity of Economic Journalists (136–160)
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Network Analysis
Sushko V.
The Origins and Methodology of Network Analysis (161–181)
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Veselov Y., Chernov G.
Food and We: Gasronomic Portrait of Saint Petersburg (182–209)
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Bogomiagkova E., Dudina V.
Present and Future of European Sociology (Review of the 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association) (210–214)
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Book Reviews
Sinyutin M., Tewari S.
In Money We Trust: To Anthropological Dismantling of Lurking Miracle. Book review: Appadurai A. (2016) Banking on Words. The Failure of Language in the Age of Derivative Finance. New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan. — 250 p. (215–221)
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