№ 5 Volume XX

2017. Volume XX

No 5

Ekaterina Borozdina, Alexander Kondakov, Evgeny Shtorn
Current Gender and Sexuality Studies: Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Research (7–14)
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Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Analysis of Gender and Sexuality
Anna Temkina, Elena Zdravomyslova
Intersectional Turn in Gender Studies (15–38)
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Dmitri Dorogov
Beyond Antagonism: the Hybrid as a Model of Postcolonial Queer Subjectivity (39–58)
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Dmitri Vorontsov
Sexuality as Ethnicity: a Cultural Resource of Gendered Sexuality (59–74)
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Femininities and Masculinities
Daniil Zhaivoronok
“What’s Wrong with Prostitution?”: The Discourse of the Print Media in the Perestroika Era (75–94)
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Ekaterina Khonineva
Gender and Display: Communicative Genres and Ways of Categorization in Interaction with Voice Assistants (95–112)
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Vera Galindabaeva
«Golovars» or «True Buryats»?: Representation of Rural Masculinity in Buryatia (113–132)
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Ekaterina Ivanova
“I Don’t Consider Myself a Good Dad, at Best, an Average One”: How Russian Men Construct the Image of a “Good father” after Divorce (132–150)
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Andrei Tiukhtiaev
Performance of Gender Identities in New Age (the Case of Pilgrimage to Archaeological Sites in Krasnodar Region) (151–166)
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Queer sexualities
Evgeny Shorygin
Gender Regimes in High Schools (167–186)
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Alexander Kondakov
Configurations of Law: How Does the Law on «Propaganda» Function in Schools (187–206)
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Evgeny Shtorn
An Essay on «Sub-Personality»: A Two-Time Attempt to Speak about Violence (207–221)
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