№ 4 (92) Volume XX

2017. Volume XX

No 4

Russian Revolutions: Socio-Historical and Cultural Background
Guryanov P.
Social and Economic Background of the October Revolution of 1917: the Lessons of History (7–30)
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Karasev D.
The Cultural Turn in the Studies of the Russian Revolution (31–50)
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Banaszkiewicz M.
Russian Liberalism of the Era of Great Reforms in the Mirror of the October Revolution (51–69)
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Golovin N.
Max Weber: “All my Sympathies are with the Russian Liberation Movement”: Articles, Letters and Essays on Revolutions, War and Democracy (70–88)
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Chen J.-H.
Historian and Revolution: Sergey Platonov’s Ideology as a Paradigm of the Russian Intellectuals (89–107)
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Russian Revolutions: Practices, Daily Life, Consequences
Brazevich S.
Сoncentration Camp as an Organized Form of Political Violence in Post-Revolutionary Russia: A Historical-Sociological Analysis (108–134)
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Krēsliņš U.
Mechanisms for Promoting Political Decisions as Expressions of the “Will of Society”: The Experience of Latvia in 1917 (135–153)
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Litvinova T.
Political Institutionalization and the Struggle of Elites in the North Caucasus during the Revolutions of 1917 and Russian Civil War (154–168)
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Lisenkova L.
The Revolution of 1917: Was the October Final Inevitable? (According to the Emigrant Memoirs) (169–184)
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Orekh E., Boitsova O.
Political Actors in Children’s Drawings of 1917–1918: Sociological Reflection (Based on Vasily Voronov’s Collection from the State Historical Museum) (185–209)
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Sergeyeva O.
Visual Language of the “Red” and “White” Russian Civil War Posters (210–229)
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