№ 3 Volume XX

2017. Volume XX

No 3

Urban Sociology
Halauniova A., Chernysheva L.
Plastic, Bicycles and Urban Citizenships: Two Cases of Infrastructural Reorganization in St. Petersburg (7–31)
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Fedotova N.
The Formation of Urban Identity: Factorial and Institutional Aspects (32–49)
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Sociology of Organizations
Gudova E.
Dramatic, Unmanaged and Storytelling: Organizations through Narrative Analysis (50–73)
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Sociology of Profession
Klimenko L., Posukhova O., Khromushkina I.
Professional Identity of Servicemen in Southern Russian Cities (74–94)
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Sociology of Education
Vlasova T.
Religious Tradition and Students’ Academic Success in Polish Catholic Schools: Developing a Private Education Sector (95–110)
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Sociology of Food
Jin J.
Chinese Restaurants in Saint Petersburg: A Study on the Sociology of Food (111–135)
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Sociology of the Body
Deygraf V.
The Return of Gender Display and Body Naturalization in Competitive Bodybuilding (136–160)
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Community Studies
Pozanenko A.
Two Kinds of Isolated Local Communities as Old and New Gemeinschafts in Contemporary Russia (161–178)
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Bogomyagkova E., Lomonosova M.
Assisted Reproductive Technologies: New Forms of Social Inequality? (180–198)
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News / Information
Borozdina E., Zvonareva O., Popova E.
The International Conference “Social Sciences and Medical Innovations: Problematizing the Role of Society” (199–204)
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Prosypkina V., Troitskiy S.
The Round Table “Social Studies of Humor and Laughter: Main Directions, Perspectives, Terminology and Methodology” (205–210)
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New Books on Social Sciences
Titarenko L.
Book review: Therborn G. Cities of Power. The Urban, the National, the Popular, the Global. London and New York: Verso, 2017. — 408 р. (211–221)
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