№ 2 Volume XX

2017. Volume XX

No 2

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with the president of ISA Professor Margaret Abraham (7–21)
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Social Theory
Shkurko Y.
Incorporation of the Ideas of Neuroscience into Sociology: How to Overcome the Gap between “Biological” and “Social”? (22–39)
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Fidrya E.
The Institutionalization of the Notion of ‘Risk’ and Risk Regulation in the Soviet Legislation (40–61)
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Sociology of the Family
Laktyukhina E.
From Marriage to Divorce and Back. A Study of Post-Divorce Behavior (62–81)
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Zagirova E.
Influence of the Type of Religiosity on the Attitude to the Traditional Family (82–103)
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Sociology of Professions and Employment
Baranova V., Maslinsky K.
Teachers’ Identity: Choosing Profession and Adapting to School (104–118)
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Ryabkova L.
Value Orientations of the Unemployed as the Basis for Formalizing a Successful Job Search (119–141)
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Mannila S., Eremicheva G.
Risk-taking and Business Entry in Russia — Blurred Borders of a Life Course (142–176)
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Ethnic Studies
Zavalishin A., Kostyurina N.
Ethnic Stereotypes: Explication and Analysis (177–196)
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News / Information
Karapetyan R., Nikiforova O., Taranova O.
The International Scientific Conference “Labor and Society in the Realities of the 21st Century” (197–202)
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Duka A., Shvaya A.
The Redistribution of Power and the Lack of Democracy (203–211)
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Vasilyeva D.
CASCA/IUAES2017: Mo(u)vement. A Joint Inter-Congress/Conference (212–215)
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New Books on Social Sciences
Rubtsova M., Martyanova N.
Book Review: Karl Maton: Knowledge and Knowers: towards a Realist Sociology of Education. Routledge, 2014. — 244 p. (216–221)
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