№ 1 Volume XX

2017. Volume XX

No 1

Social Theory
Pierpaolo Donati
An Outline of Relational Sociology from a Critical, Analytical and Realist Viewpoint (5–21)
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Sociology of Everyday Life
Anna Barbaruk
“The Body as an Instrument of Consciousness”: the Conceptualization of Everyday Bodily Practices in Vegetarianism (22–36)
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Irina Trotsuk, Anastasiya Morozova
Giving Flowers as a Gift : A Ritualized Practice in the Contemporary Society (37–55)
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Urban Sociology
Dmitry Timoshkin
The Market is Gone, “Shankhayka” Remained: an Open Consumer Goods Market in Irkutsk as a Metaphor for Symbolic Urban Space Exploration (56–73)
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Elena Lebedeva
Public Space in Post-Soviet Cities: Sociability and "Crisis of Publicity" (74–92)
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Sociology of the Family
Zhanna Chernova
Family Friendly Workplace: Political Initiatives, Employer’s Position and Types of Support for Workers with Family Responsibilities (93–113)
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Sociology of Security
Tatyana Yudina, Elena Frolova, Dina Tanatova, Irina Dolgorukova, Olga Rodimushkina
Human Security and Fear of Victimization (114–127 )
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Sociology of Youth
Raisa Akifyeva, Yuliya Andreeva
Structured Activities of Students in a Residential District of Saint Petersburg: Social Class, Family, and School (128-148)
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Social Anthropology
Viktor Krutkin
Socio-Cultural Materiality in Anthropology of Daniel Miller (149–165)
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Pavel Kurlovich
Social Conditions for the Use of Technology and Cognitive Processes (166–180)
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Nikolay Karbainov
The Problem of Property Rights in the Works of Hernando De Soto: Critical Review (181–190)
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News / Information
Irina Grigoryeva, Elena Golubeva
The Second Youth of the Older Generation: 2016 Conferences and Forums Dedicated to the Elderly (191–198)
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New Books on Social Sciences
Maria Myasnikova
Online Ethnographic Approach to the Study of Internet Communities: Methodological Differences and Basic Principles.
Book review: Hine C. Ethnography for the Internet: Embedded, Embodied and Every day. Bloomsbury Academic, 2015 — 240 p
. (199–207)
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Ekaterina Kazartseva
Transnational Russian-language space in Germany.
Book review: Popkov V. Leaving Limits of Ethnicity. Post-Soviet Emigration in Germany. Frankfurt am Main: “Posev”, 2016 – 484 p.
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