No 4 Vol XIX

2016. Volume XIX

No 4

Historical Sociology
Karasev D.
Michael Mann’s Historical Sociology of Power (5–23)
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Sociology of Religion
Divisenko K., Divisenko O.
The Biographical Research of Personal History (Re-)interpretation among Orthodox Believers (24–37)
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Tovbin K., Semichaevsky A., Sokolov V.
An Essay on Expedition to the Alaska’s Russian Old Believers (38–48)
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Sociology of Health
Rusinova N., Safronov V.
Welfare State and Health Inequalities in Europe (49–70)
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Yudina D., Dudina V.
Semantic Network on Bigrams as a Method for Validation of Topic Modelling Results in the Sociological Research (71–83)
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Puzanova Zh., Larina T.
Using the Specific Affect Coding System (SPAFF) in Focus Group Research (84–102)
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Urban Studies
Moskaleva S., Tykanova E.
Social Conditions of the Performance of Civic and Expert Groups Aimed at the Improvement of the Quality of Urban Environment (103–120)
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Sociology of Consumption
Radaev V.
Not Samogon Alone: Drinking Patterns and Factors Affecting Consumption of Homemade Alcohol in Contemporary Russia (121–141)
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Memory Studies
Krokinskaya O.
Cultural Memory and Experience in the Practice of Designing the Future in Everyday Consciousness (142–158)
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Ethnic Studies
Vereshchagina A., Shakhbanova M.
Interethnic Relations in Dagestan Peoples’ Assessment (159–177)
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Social Anthropology
Bocharov V.
Russian Festive Drinking Culture and Power: Anthropological Perspective (178–192)
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Khvoin N.
The Influence of State Social Services on the Re-socialization of the Homeless (193–202)
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News / Information
Third International Conference “Mechanisms of Formation of Cultural Exclusion Zones and the Borderlands – 2016” (203–207)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Kolesnik N.
Is it possible to compare Russian and French political institutions? (208–214)
Book review: Political Institutions in Russia and France. Tradition and Modernity. Efremenko D., Lapina N. (eds.) M.: RAS INION, 2014. — 256 p.
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