No 3 Vol XIX

2016. Volume XIX

No 3

To the 100th Anniversary of M.M. Kovalevsky’s Sociological Society
Boronoev A., Lomonosova M., Mironov D., Skvortsov N.
M.M. Kovalevsky’s Sociological Society: Past and Present (5–15)
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Malinov A.
Russian Sociological School in the Evaluation of A. Lappo-Danilevsky (16–24)
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Dolgova E.
The Study of Social Problems in the Lab of Collective Reflexology at V. Bekhterev Institute for Brain and Mental Activity (25–31)
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Sinyutin M.
Sociologist number one: to the 140th anniversary of Nikolay Andreev (32–49)
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Sociology of Politics
Davydov S., Logunova O., Lytkina E.
Motivation and Media Preferences of Observers on the Moscow Mayor Elections in 2013 (50–64)
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Skokova Y.
The Dynamics of the Social Movement of Election Observers (2011–2016) (65–79)
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Research on Values
Golovin N., Sibirev V.
The Possibility of Cultural Recession in Russia since 2010: Reflections on Values Research (80–94)
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Lopatina S., Kostenko V., Ponarin E.
Islam is not the Reason: the Attitude to Abortion, Divorce and Premarital Sex in Nine post-Soviet States (95–115)
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Sociology of Culture
Sokolov M., Sokolova N., Safonova M.
Status Cultures, Biographic Cycles, and Generational Changes in Literary Tastes of Library Users in Saint-Petersburg (116–135)
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Gurova O.
Concepts of Fashion Production in Contemporary Sociology (136–147)
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Vorobyeva E.
Tattooing as an Object of Sociological Research (148–161)
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Social Anthropology
Kuropyatnik M.
Ethnographic Self-description as a Cultural Phenomenon (162–170)
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Mokhov S.
Death Studies in Social and Historical Anthropology: the Genesis of Ideas (171–188)
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Turakayev M.
Habitus and Everyday Practices of the Long-Distance Commuters of Bashkortostan (189–202)
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News / Information
World Congress of Sociology of Sport “Sport, Global Development, and Social Change” (203–206)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Ilyin V.
Narva as a Transnational Island (Interpreting the Interpreter)
Book Review: Raik K. My Narva between Two Worlds. Petrone Print, 2014. — 286 p. (207–214)
Abstract | Full Text (PDF)