No 2 Vol XIX

2016. Volume XIX

No 2

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with Professor Peter Kivisto (5–18)
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Kivisto P.
We Really are All Multiculturalists Now (19–45)
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Social Theory
Fedorova S.
Modern Concepts of Social Structure: from Integrative Concepts to Concepts of Flows (46–59)
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Sociology оf Organizations
Balabanova E.
The Concept of Meritocracy in Contemporary Organizational Studies (60–73)
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Sociology of Education
Vlasova T., Makarova M.
How Parents are Involved in Schooling Interactions? (74–87)
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Sociology of Health
Antonova N., Merenkov A.
A Culture of Students’ Health Protection: the Contradictions of its Formation and Development (88–100)
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Sociology of Risk and Security
Shipunova T.
The Social Security Concept: a Thematic Overview (101–112)
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Ethnic Studies
Ivanyushina V., Alexandrov D., Kazartseva E.
Ethnic Self-identification of Adolescents from Migrant Families (113–128)
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Yusupov M.
Value of Relations in Interethnic Interaction: the Case of the Chechen Republic (129–142)
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Gender Studies
Omelchenko E.
Red and Black: the Gender Dimension of the Difference and Exclusion Structures in the Male Colonies (143–159)
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Identity Studies
Bolshakov N.
From Deviation to the Identity: the Transformation of Scientific Approaches to Understanding Deafness (160–174)
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Gvozdikov D., Tomchuk K.
Friendship Online: Social Networks and Cultural Attitudes of Russians in Bali (175–187)
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Kozhevnikov A.
The Interrelation of Medical Services Quality with the Organization of Health System in the Region with Difficult Climatic Conditions (188–198)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Ambarova P., Zborovskiy G.
Turning to the Time of Dialogue and to the Dialogue of “Times”
Book Review: Iarskaia V. A Kaleidoscope of Time: the Biographical Traces. Moscow: Variant, 2015. – 243 p. ISBN 978-5-00080-029-4 (207–214)
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