№1 Том XIX

2016. Volume XIX

No 1

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with Professor Hans-Peter Müller (5–15)
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Müller H.-P.
Rationality, Rationalization, Rationalism. From Weber to Bourdieu? (16–42)
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Methods of Social Research
Dudina V.
The Applicability of Criteria of Effective Focused Interview to the Results of Thematic Web-Forum Analysis: an Example of Discussions around Film “Leviathan” (43–58)
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Medvedeva K.
Fieldwork in Monastic Communities: The Challenge of Participant Observation (59–72)
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Sociology of Migration
Zhidkevich N.
Domestic Temporary Labor Migrants in Russia: A Social Portrait (73–89)
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Lytkina T., Fauzer V.
Forced Migration as a Way of Russian North Development in the 1930s-1950s (90–109)
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Sociology of Art
Kuleva M.
Contemporary Art as a Profession: Career Paths of Young Artists with Dissimilar Educational Background (St. Petersburg Case) (110–124)
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Melnikova E.
Graffiti Writers’ Career Trajectories: Transforming Pressure into Pleasure and Recognition (125–136)
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Sociology of Professions
Kolesnikova E.
Pre-School Teachers: Profession as a Resource of Social Mobility (137–148)
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Social Work: A Sociological Perspective
Pervova I., Kelasyev V., Ornellas A., Spolander G., Engelbrecht L.
The Global Social Work Definition: Ontology, Meaning and Consequences (149–165)
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Social Anthropology
Kretser I.
Searching for Kinship: towards a Problem Statement in Contemporary Western Kinship Studies (166–180)
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Vidyasova L., Grigoryeva I.
Russia in the International Quality of Ageing Indexes (181–193)
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Ozerova O.
Alcohol Consumption in Russia: Social Differences and Trends in the 1990s and 2000s (194–208)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Fetisov V.
Knowledge of Social Reality: A View through the Prism of Epistemic Matrices
Book Review: Dudina V. Epistemic Matrices of Sociological Knowledge. St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg State University Publishing House, 2013. – 224 p. (209–214)
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