No 5 Volume XVIII

2015. Volume XVIII

No 5

Turbulence and Challenges of Everyday Life in Russia and Finland (5–7)
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Challenging Everyday Life of Families
Törrönen M.
The Socio-Economic Well-Being of Finnish Families with Small Children: The Economic Dimension of Reciprocity (8–26)
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Bezrukova O., Samoylova V.
The Rights of Working Mothers and Social Support of the Young Family in Russia (27–44)
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Klassen M.
Social Work, Capabilities and Needs (45–57)
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Törrönen M., Seppänen M., Haapola I., Vauhkonen T.
Exhaustion among Elderly Informal Caregivers – A Gender Sensitive Approach (58–77)
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Capabilities and Life Choices of Young People
Kallunki V., Lehtonen O., Borodkina O., Samoylova V.
Life Satisfaction among Young Adults in South-East Finland and North-West Russia (St. Petersburg and Leningrad region) (78–94)
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Borodkina O.
Problems and Perspectives of Professional Education of Young People with Disabilities in Russia (95–109)
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Hakkarainen M.
Narrating Immigrant Experience: Friends and Friendship in the Biographical Stories of Young Russian-Speakers in Finland (110–127)
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Romanenko V.
The Transformation of Female Prostitution’ Social Space (with the Example of Young Commercial Sex Workers in St. Petersburg) (128–142)
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Stress of Migration and Resources of Migrants
Veistilä M., Heino E.
Migrant Families and Social Quality (143–161)
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Tavrovskiy A.
Сhallenges and Contradictions of Russian Migration Policy (162–186)
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Katisko M.
The Multicultural Workplace Community as a Learning Environment (187–198)
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Heino E., Kärmeniemi N., Katisko M., Borodkina O.
Factors Affecting the Integration of Migrants and Features of Social Work among Migrants in Finland (199–212)
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Book Reviews
Toma R.A.
Book Review: Empowering social work: research and practice, ed. by M. Tӧrrӧnen, O. Borodkina, V. Samoylova, E. Heino. Helsinki: University of Helsinki, Kotka Unit Kopijyvä Oy, 2013. ― 247 p. (213–217)
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Firsov M.
Book Review: Empowerment in Social Work with Family, ed. by O. Borodkina, V. Samoylova. St. Petersburg: Skifia-Print, 2013. ― 176 p. (218–221)
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