No 3 Volume XIX

2015. Volume XIX

No 3

Social Theory
Kamarouski A.
Disenchanting Max Weber: a Critisism of Weberian Heritage Reception in German Neo-Weberianism (5–18)
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Yarskaya V.
Time Inversion: A Small Excursion into the Great Theme (Reflections and Memories) (19–38)
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Sociology of Social Problems
Bogomyagkova E.
Sociology оf Social Problems: Current State аnd Prospects оf Development (39–54)
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Mikeshin I.
“Crave pure spiritual milk...”: Biblical Literalism in the Baptist Rehabilitation Ministry (55–64)
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Prozorova J.
Group Meeting as an Interaction Ritual: Producing Cultural Capital and Emotional Energy in “Anonymous” Mutual Help Communities (65–79)
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Sociology of Social Movements
Vasilkova V., Changyan A.
Framing in Politics: from Maidan to Euro-Maidan (80–95)
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Sociology of Sexuality
Zelikova J.
The Dynamics of Sexual Liberalization in Modern Russia: the Generational Analysis (96–109)
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Sociology of Migration
Kozlova M.
The “Guests of the Capital” in the Eyes of Muscovites: the Moral Justification of Migration Evaluations (110–122)
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Yakimova O.
Constructing Inter-Ethnic Interaction: Media Discourse of International Migration in Russia (123–136)
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Identity Studies
Popkov V.
The Identification Orientations of Central Russia’s Citizens: the Case of Kaluga Region (137–152)
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Makusheva M.
The Image of the Territory and Territorial Identification of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Inhabitants (153–166)
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Ethnic Policy
Shabayev Y., Sadokhin A., Shilov N.
The Ethnic Policy in Modern Russia: Political Practices and Institutional Management Resources (167–183)
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Dmitrieva A.
Computer Literacy as a Tool for Social Inclusion of Older People in Modern Society (184–197)
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News / Information
Social Movements Today in Russia and the World: the Issues of Human Agency and Politization (198–203)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Moiseyev S.
The Phantom of a Crowd
Book Review: Borch Ch. The Politics of Crowds: an Alternative History of Sociology. Cambridge University Press, 2012 – 338 p. (204–207)
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Semenov A.
The Dark Matter of the Apolitical
Book Review: The Politics of the Apolitical: Social Movements in Russia in 2011–2013 / eds. S. Erpyleva, A. Magun. Moscow: New Literary Review, 2014. — 480 p. (208–213)
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