No 2 Volume XVIII

2015. Volume XVIII

No 2

History of Russian Social Thought
Lomonosova M.
Russian Sociology at the Turn of Epochs (1918-1919): Pitirim Sorokin and The Institute for Socio-Bibliology (5–14)
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Sorokin P.
Does Moral Progress of Humanity Exist? (15–31)
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Dolgov A.
Pitirim Sorokin’s Theory of Creative Altruism: The Global Perspective (32–44)
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Urban Sociology
Zhelnina A.
Urban Creativity: Reinterpreting the Public Space (45–59)
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Papushina Y.
Post-Soviet Mass Celebration and “Kulturnost”: the Survey of Urban Art Festival “White Nights in Perm – 2012“ (60–71)
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Terentyev E.
Renaming of Soviet Place-Names in Saint-Petersburg: The Analysis of Public Discussions (72–86)
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Sociology of Education
Abramova M., Goncharova G., Kostyuk V.
The Influence of Parents’ Education on Children’s Educational Strategies (87–102)
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Samylina I.
Modern University: Transformation into Organization (103–114)
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Savinskaya O.
Parental Evaluation of a Kindergarten: the Values of Education and Socialization (115–129)
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Sociology of Science
Guba K.
“Merton College”: from Conceptualization to Empirical Research Program of the Sociology of Science (130–145)
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Identity Studies
Ilyin V.
History as a Social Resource in Hinterland Development (146–162)
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Sharova E., Anufrieva T.
Regional Identity of Youth in the Murmansk Region (163–180)
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Achkasov V.
The Role of the “Politics of History” in the Formation of Russian Identity (181–192)
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Social Anthropology
Simonova V.
“A Proper Name” and the Taiga Alliance: on Personal Inscriptions Carved on Trees, the History of Signatures and the Literary Policy among Evenkis of the North Baikal (193–208)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Ivleva I.
On the Problem of Memory, Remembrance and Forgetting in Culture
Book Review: Assman A. The Long Shadow of the Past: Cultures of Memory and the Politics of History. M.: NLO, 2014. – 324 p. (209–214)
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