No 1 Vol XVIII

2015. Volume XVIII

No 1

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with Professor Zhan Toshchenko (5–22)
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Toshchenko Zh.
Trauma and Antinomy — The New Features of Public Consciousness and Behavior in Contemporary Russia (23–50)
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The History of Russian Social Thought
Pogodin S.
Sociology in the Work of the Historian Ivan Luchitskiy (51–61)
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Luchitskiy I.
Social Cohesion: Directions of Theoretical Discussion and Perspectives for Social Policy (62–67)
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Sociology of Food
Veselov Y.
The Contemporary Social System of Food (68–82)
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Ganskau E., Minina V.
A Proper Dinner in the View of Saint Petersburg Citizens (83–99)
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Economic Sociology
Davydov D.
Social Capital Theory: From Sociology to Economics and Back (100–109)
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Sakaeva M.
Entrepreneurial Demand for Social Capital within Market and Politics (110–122)
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Sociology of Labour
Korotaev S.
The Сreativity of Russian Professionals: A Study of Multinational Teams in Russia (123–138)
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Sociology of Health and Illness
Tyultyaeva L., Denisova T., Lipatova T.
Social Stress as a Risk Factor of Digestive Diseases in the Population of Different Age (139–145)
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Economic Anthropology
Bocharov V.
The Landed Property in Representations of Modern Russian Peasants (146–162)
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Kasatkina A.
Private Property and Collective “Comradeship”: Property Regimes and Social Relationships in Garden Non-Profit Associations (“Comradeships”), Leningrad Region, the Early 2000s. (163–178)
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Barsegyan V.
The Intergenerational Social Mobility of Young Political Activists (179–190)
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Davydova S.
The Role of Environmental Leadership in the Process of Socio-Ecological Modernization (191–202)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Mikhaylova A.
What Happened to the Theory of Frames?
Book Review: Vakhshtayn V. Sociology of Everyday Life and the Theory of Frames. Saint-Petersburg: European University Press, 2011. — 334 p. (203–208)
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Titarenko L.
Book Review: Toshchenko Zh. Phantoms of Russian Society. Moscow: Center for Social Forecasting and Marketing, 2015. — 668 p. (209–215)
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