No 4 Vol XVII

2014. Volume XVII

No 4

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with Professor Elena Jarskaya-Smirnova (5–29)
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Social Theory
Bronzino L., Sviridov R.
Metamorphosis of a Metaphor or from Dasein towards Design (30–40)
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Iarskaia-Smirnova E., Yarskaya V.
Social Cohesion: Directions of Theoretical Discussion and Perspectives for Social Policy (41–61)
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Sociology of Law
Volkov V.
The Influence of Socio-Economic Status of Defendants on Court Decisions (62–85)
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Moiseeva E.
Working Groups in the Courts of St. Petersburg (86–100)
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Chetverikova I.
The Impact of Family, Professional Status and Gender of Defendants on Sentencing Decisions by Russian Judges (101–123)
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Urban Sociology
Lobanova A.
First of All We had Created а City and then the City has Created Us: the Perception of Urban Space by Local Residents of Yoshkar-Ola (124–135)
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Kviat A.
Heterotopia of the City Picnic from the Perspective of Public Sphere Theory: a Cross-Disciplinary Case Study (136–149)
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Motherhood Studies
Churilova E.
Basic Approaches to the Study of Single Parenthood (150–161)
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Mitsyuk N.
The History of Motherhood in Russia in Foreign (British and American) Historiography (162–177)
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Barbashin M.
Institutions and Identity: The Methodological Options of the Theory of Institutional Disintegration in Contemporary Social Studies (178–188)
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News / Information
Kozlovskiy V., Braslavsky R., Troitskiy S., Prozorova Y., Malinov A.
Sociological Heritage of Academician Alexander Lappo-Danilevsky (189–202)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Kazun A.
The Logic of the Russian Judicial System
Book Review: How Courts Make Decisions: Empirical Studies of Law, ed. V. Volkov. Moscow: Statute, 2012. – 368 p. (Series «EXTRA JUS») (203–214)
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