No 3 Vol XVII

2014. Volume XVII

No 3

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with Professor Pavel Romanov (5–19)
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Urban Sociology
Alekseeva M., Galindabaeva V.
Elitism in the Context of Social Segregation of Urban Space (the Case of Victory Avenue in Ulan-Ude) (20–32)
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Lytkina T.
The Social Potential of the Northern City: from Ignorance to Recognition (33–47)
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Chernega A.
Tourist Attraction as a Social Resource (the Case of the Russian Provincial Town) (48–61)
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Sociology of Migration
Kostenko V.
Migration Theories: from Assimilation to Transnationalism (62–76)
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Krasilnikova O.
Gender Differences and Determinants of the Acculturation Strategies among Russian-Speaking Immigrants in Germany (77–93)
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Tolstokorova A.
“All the Daddies are Welcome”: the Transformation of the Institution of Fatherhood in Ukrainian Transnational Families (94–111)
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Sociology of Health
Rusinova N., Safronov V.
The Influence of Social Capital on Health in Europe (112–133)
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Sociology of Culture
Rudenko N.
Infrastructure, Networks, Negotiations: the Production of Traditional Culture in the Ethnographic Museum (134–150)
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Social Policy
Grigoryeva I., Bershadskaya L., Dmitrieva A.
On the Way to the Normative Model of Relationships between Society and Older People (151–167)
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Shershneva E.
Hartz Reforms: Turning Point in German Employment and Welfare Policy (168–185)
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News / Information
Ilyin V.
World Congress of Sociology: Facing Social Inequality (186–197)
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Tangalycheva R.
Participation in the Congress as a Professional Advantage (198–200)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Voronina A.
Street Economy and Its Role in Everyday Life
Book Review: Ivleva I. Street Economy in Everyday Life of the Transition Period. St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg University Press, 2010. – 263 p. (201–204)
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Kononenko R.
Professionals in the Field of Social Policy
Book Review: Professions of the Welfare State, ed. by P. Romanov and E. Yarskaya-Smirnova (Library of the "The Journal of Social Policy Studies"). M.: “Variant”, CSPGS, 2013 – 360 p. (205–209)
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In Memoriam. Pavel Romanov (210–215)
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