No 2 Vol XVI

2014. Volume XVII

No 2

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with Professor Toby E. Huff (5–25)
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Historical Sociology and Civilizational Analysis
Huff T.E.
Historical Sociology and Civilizational Analysis: Reclaiming Weber’s Framework (26–54)
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Spohn W.
Historical and Comparative Sociology in a Globalizing World (55–69)
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Prozorova J.
Conceptual Resources of Civilizational Analysis for Understanding Russia’s Post-Soviet Transformations (70–87)
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History of Russian Sociology
Bochkareva V.
Lawyer and Sociologist N. Korkunov (88–100)
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Korkunov N.
The Public Meaning of Law (101–110)
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Social Theory
Aksenova O.
Сonceptualization of the Local in the Western Sociology (111–125)
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Shaykemelev M.
Metamorphosis of Sociality: Virtualization of Information Space in Non-Western Cultures (126–138)
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Sociology of Labour
Efendiev A., Balabanova E., Gogoleva A.
Sociological Concept of Exchange as a Methodology of Labour Interactions Analysis in Contemporary International Studies (139–153)
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Sociology of Deviance
Yakovleva A.
Psychoactive Drugs’ Promotion in Virtual Communicative Environment (154–166)
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Social Anthropology
Krutkin V.
Techniques of the Body and Human Movements (167–179)
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Dashibalova I., Bazarov A.
Representing Buryat Culture in Soviet Documentary Film (180–192)
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News / Information
International Conference «Science, Education and Business Cooperation: The Innovation Landscapes of Europe and Russia» (193–198)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Ivleva I.
Manifestations of Disorder and Fears of a Big City Residents
Book Review: Häfele J. Die Stadt, das Fremde und die Furcht vor Kriminalität. Wiesbaden: Springer, 2013. 299 S. (199–205)
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Rezaev A., Starikov V.
A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Post-Communist Transformation
Book Review: Norkus Z. On Baltic Slovenia and Adriatic Lithuania. A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Patterns in Post-Communist Transformation. Apostrofa, CEU Press, 2012. 375 p. (206–213)
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In memoriam. A. Klyotsin (214–217)
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