No 1 Vol XVI

2014. Volume XVII

No 1

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with Professor Peter Hedström (5–13)
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Hedström P., Ylikoski P.
Causal Mechanisms in the Social Sciences (14–40)
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Sociology of Food
Ganskau E., Minina V., Semyonova G., Gronow J.
Everyday Eating Practices of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region Citizens (41–58)
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Kalmykova M.
The Food Resources of North Italian Population (59–69)
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Sociology of Medicine
Podstreshnaya E.
Pain in the Everyday Life of Traumatological Ward: Based on Interviews with Medical Staff (70–83)
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Vyalykh N.
Differentiation of Medical Care Consumers: Methodological Projections of Sociological Reflection (84–97)
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Economic Sociology
Barbashin M.
The Formation of the “Bloomington School”: Methodological Opportunities and Perspectives of Contemporary New Institutionalism Development (98–111)
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Sociology of Knowledge
Basov N., Vasilkova V.
Semantic Networks of Sociological Knowledge (112–138)
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Sociology of Art
Pivovarov A., Khokhlova A.
The Risks of Being Creative: Pros and Contras of Participation in Art Communities (139–154)
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Sociology of Education
Vlasova T.
Why Do Parents Prefer Ethnic School for their Children? (155–169)
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Sociology of Migration
Sabirova G., Andreyeva Yu.
School Friends of an Adolescent with Migrant Background (170–189)
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Social Anthropology
Rakhmanova L.
Immersion in the Island Community as a Factor in the Lifeworld Transformation (190–204)
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News / Information
The XII All-Russia Seminar “Sociological Problems of Power Institutions in the Context of Russian Transformation” (205–210)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Korneychuk B.
Reforms and Dogmas in the Context of Democratization
Book Review: Mau V. Reforms and Dogmas. State and Economy in the Era of Reforms and Revolutions (1861–1929). 3rd. ed., revised. Moscow: Izdatelskiy Dom “Delo”, 2013. — 512 p. ISBN 978-5-7749-0773-1 (211–216)
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