No 4 Том XVI

2013. Volume XVI

No 4

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with Professor Markku Kivinen (5–11)
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Kivinen M.
Interdisciplinary Approach to Russian Modernisation (12–28)
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Sociology of Communication
Gavra D.
The Concept of “Image” in Modern Communication Studies (29–43)
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Rykov Yu.
Virtual Community as a Social Field: Inequality and Communicative Capital (44–60)
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Sociology of Organization
Shmerlina I.
Fragments of an Organizational Biography: a Social Semiotic Approach (61–77)
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Social Policy
Klepikova A.
Legal Capacity of People with Mental Disability in Russian Residential Institutions: Social Construction of Legal Status (78–93)
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Pecherskaya N.
The Prospects of Russian Family Policy: Coercion into Tradition (94–105)
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Ethnicity and Nationalism Studies
Achkasov V.
“Politics of Memory” as a Tool for Post-Socialist “Nation-Building” (106–123)
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Peshkova V.
Representing Russia’s Ethnic and Cultural Diversity: Diasporic Printed Media as an Alternative Media Space (124–141)
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Sociology of Migration
Tolstokorova A.
Love over the Phone: The Role of Mobile Communication Technologies in Transnational Motherhood of Ukrainian Migrant Women (142–158)
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Social Anthropology
Tadina N.
Two Views on Burkhanism among the Altai-Kizhi (159–166)
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Morozov I., Sleptsova I.
Constructing Personal Space in the Context of Modern Interiors (167–183)
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Solovchenkov S.
The Transformation of the Employment Structure of the Amur Region Rural Population in Modern Russia (184–188)
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News / Information
III All-Russian Scientific and Practical Symposium “Social Communications in Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship” (189–205)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Kupriyanova Т.
Grigorieva I., Kelasyev V., Pervova I. Social Work Theory and the Realities of Social Welfare. St. Petersburg University Press, 2012 — 173 p. (206–211)
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Minina V.
Knowledge Society: from the General Idea to the Search of Ontological Foundations
Knowledge Society: from Idea to Practice. V. Vasilkova, L. Verbitskaya (eds.). In 3 parts. St. Petersburg: Scythia-print, 2008–2012 (212–216)
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