No 1 Vol XVI

2013. Volume XVI

No 1

Sociology: Profession and Vocation
Interview with Professor Göran Therborn (5–19)
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Therborn G.
Understanding Cities: The Current Crisis and the Idea of Stateless Cities (20–40)
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History of Russian Social Thought
Malinov A.
Regionalism in the History of Russian Thought (41–52)
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Golovinov A.
G.N. Potanin and N.M. Yadrintsev: through Patriotic Enlightenment to Ethnic Social Integration (53–59)
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Troitskiy S.
Regionalism in the Russian Humanitarian Academic Literature (60–77)
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Sociology of Youth
Abramova M., Kostyuk V., Goncharova G.
The Life Plans and Adaptation of Various Socio-cultural Types of Youth (Based on Sociological and Social-psychological Research in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)) (78–99)
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Borodkina O., Samoylova V., Kallunki V.
The Problem of Social Exclusion / Inclusion of Youth (Based on the Study in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region) (100–110)
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Sociology of Professions
Burlutskaya M., Kharchenko V.
Freelancers: Social Status, Career Strategies and Professional Development (111–123)
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Kaploun V., Yukhnevich E.
Striptease as a Vocation: A Contribution to the Ethnography of Closed Cultural Scenes in Russian Megalopolises (124–147)
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Sociology of Migration
Popkov V.
The “Cultural Memory” of Russian-speaking Migrants in Germany: Impact on the Formation of New Identities of Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union (148–166)
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Tolstokorova A.
Both Hundred Bucks and Hundred Friends: Role of Self-organization and Social Networks for Social Inclusion of Ukrainian Migrant Women (167–181)
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Visual Anthropology
Krutkin V.
Visual Anthropology and Jean Rouch’s “Mad Masters” (182–196)
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News / Information
International Scientific Conference “Intercultural Interaction in the Context of Globalization: Experience of Russia and Korea” (197–204)
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New Books on Social Sciences and Humanities
Golovin N.
Towards a General Theory of Deviance
Shipunova T. Deviantology: Contemporary Theoretical and Methodological Problems. St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg University Press, 2012. — 245 p. (205–210)
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In memoriam. Sergey Golod (211–216)